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The reason for using Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning is simple – we deliver the cleanest, healthiest carpets, upholstery and tile in the industry.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  Everything we do is engineered to deliver the best results possible for your home:

  • Our proprietary cleaning process is the most thorough in the area by far and includes steps that other cleaners skip because they add time. These steps dramatically improve results, however, and to us that's what matters. 
  • We are committed to excellence and do everything necessary to elevate each area we clean to its best possible outcome.  We only schedule a couple jobs per day to ensure that our teams have the time to take the appropriate detailed approach on every engagement. 
  • Our technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC and we study relentlessly. We have the expertise to address anything we may encounter, and practice continuous process improvement.
  • We use the most effective cleaning methods.  Steam cleaning is the only fully restorative way to clean carpets and upholstery, and encapsulation is the best interim cleaning method. 
  • Our equipment is the best in the business; from our Butler truck mounted steam cleaning systems to our Brush Pro commercial grade pile lifting vacuums, and from our Hydroforce spray applicators to our encapsulation cleaners.  Every tool and every chemical we employ is top of the line.

To find out what our customers think, look here.  To learn more about how our method stacks up, read on!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are essentially four methods of cleaning carpet:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction, a.k.a. “steam cleaning”
  • Encapsulation cleaning

Carpet shampooing involves applying a high foaming shampoo to the carpet, then allowing it to dry.  After drying, the shampoo and any soils it has trapped are removed by vacuuming.  Unfortunately, this method doesn’t clean well, and leaves significant soil behind (can you imagine what the results would be if you shampooed your hair, allowed it to dry then combed out the shampoo?).  In addition, shampoo residue is also left in the carpets, which will literally pull dirt off your shoes as you walk across the room.  

In Bonnet cleaning, an absorbent mixture is spread over carpeting, which is then brushed in by a rotary cleaner with a pad.  The expectation is that the dirt will be absorbed into the pad.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t draw out soils like vacuuming, and to work properly, the pads need to be replaced multiple times during a cleaning (which not all operators do).  Like shampooing and chemical cleaning, this method just cleans the top 1/3 of the carpet, and can leave behind contaminants.   Of even greater concern, the bonnet cleaner has the potential to damage carpet.  In fact, Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer suggests NOT using bonnet cleaning because it can cause pile distortion and fiber damage.

Hot Water Extraction, also known as “Steam Cleaning” is the best way to clean carpet according to nearly all carpet manufacturers.  It is the only method classified as “deep cleaning” (the other three are classified as “light” or “interim” cleaning), and the only one able to deliver full restorative cleaning.  As our name suggests, this is the principal method Advanced Degree uses.  

In Steam Cleaning, super heated water with a cleaning agent is injected at high pressure deep into carpet fibers where it dissolves and separates soil, bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants from carpet fibers.  This is followed by a vacuum system that extracts the contaminants and the cleaning solution. The vacuuming process should remove about 95% of the water, though carpets will be damp to the touch after cleaning. Our typical drying time is around 8 hours, although providing good airflow can speed up the process.  Steam cleaning can cost a little more than the other methods, but returns much greater value – significantly cleaner carpets with bacteria and germs removed, and lengthened carpet life!

Encapsulation cleaning is a relatively new method that uses emulsifiers to dissolve oils and grease, then delivers a polymer to coat and "trap" the soil.  These "capsules" are allowed to dry and are then vacuumed away.  Encapsulation does not deliver full restorative cleaning, but it is a good method to use between steam cleanings.  Its benefits are that it is fast, uses little moisture and is less expensive.  Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning provides encapsulation cleaning to our customers for interim service as part of our carpet care programs.

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