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 Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning has experience cleaning a number of different vehicles interiors.  In general, if it has carpeting or upholstery, we can clean it!  This includes:

  • Car interiors (flooring and upholstered seats). You won’t believe how good your car will look when we’ve finished
  • RV's. We've cleaned all the carpet, upholstered furniture and valences in a number of RV's and mobile homes.  If you've just purchased a used RV or had yours on a long journey, we can wipe the slate clean and get it looking great once again.
  • Boats. When a boat owner called asking if we could clean his floor to ceiling boat cabin carpeting, we jumped at the chance and were able to clean away all the mold while restoring the carpet to its original white. Since then we've cleaned upholstery and carpeting in several other boats, all with great results.

Call 302-945-0100 to learn more about these services.