On January 1st, 2022, Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning's very first employee, Casey Jensen, bought the company. Casey has run every aspect of the operation is excited to further grow the company's reputation for excellence.

Mike Dunmyer launched Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning on January 2, 2014 with the mission to build the most effective carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company in the industry, one customer at a time. That mission drives everything we do, including how we deliver our cleaning services, our customer engagement before and after the cleaning, and our belief in continual process improvement. It guides the hiring decisions we make, and informs the rigorous onboarding, training and development program that ensures consistent excellence across teams.

To become the very best, we practice continual process improvement. We assess our results, and use research to advance our technical expertise. We test different approaches in our warehouse and see what we can learn from every challenging job. This has led to refinements in our standard processes as well as evolutions in how we address certain challenging soils. This approach will never stop – no matter how good we are at any time, we’ll always be pushing to become better.

The second part of our mission statement, “one customer at a time,” keeps our focus on each individual cleaning. Our promise to every customer is that we’ll do everything necessary to elevate everything we clean to its best possible outcome. We only schedule a handful of daily jobs for each team of industry certified technicians, and plan plenty of buffer time to ensure that they can make good on our promise. We follow up with a phone call after every job to make sure every customer is happy with their results. If an issue has arisen, we’ll gladly come back to see if we can improve it. Last year we delivered 1,262 cleanings, and returned to address an issue 31 times (2.4%). While we take pride in getting things right the first time, we always want to make sure our customers are thrilled with the results.


Ahead to the turn 275Casey Jensen (shown left) owns Advanced Degree. He graduated from Cape Henlopen High School where he played football and wrestled. Casey loves academics, particularly science, and audits MIT classes online for fun. He's used this knowledge to innovate and improve Advanced Degree's cleaning processes. When he's not helping to build the company, Casey spends his time going on adventures with his son Ethan, and the rest of his family.  As well as exploring one of his many passions in the outdoors, which include mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and many more adventure sports.










 Meredith Palm (shown right) is Casey's partner, both in business, and in life, and co-owner of Advanced Degree.  Meredith graduated Parkside High School in Salisbury, MD.  Meredith made a career in the property management field, where she excelled at delivering superior customer service to her tenants, as well as keeping the properties looking, and functioning at their very best level.  That experience has given her a unique perspective as to our customers needs, and allows us to better anticipate, and meet any potential challenges we may face.  When not actively on the job Meredith can be found on grand adventures with her family, and cheering on her daughter Laila as she shows her pony Bippity Boppity Blue at horse shows throughout the region.