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All the services we provide to our residential customers – carpet, tile, upholstery and wood floor cleaning – are also available to commercial businesses. We have extensive experience in the commercial space and care for many area hotels, restaurants, clubhouses, doctors’ offices, day care facilities, churches, and retail establishments.

When we clean for our commercial customers, we see ourselves as their partner; accountable for ensuring that their flooring and furniture reflect the quality of their brand, and enhance their customers’ experience. We know that how a business looks and feels will influence whether a guest comes back again, as well as what they’ll say to friends or report online.

To make sure we can do our part to help our commercial partners succeed, we’ve learned how to scale our thorough, detail-oriented cleaning processes. Depending on the size of the job, we’re able to commit multiple teams, make increased use of automation, and apply efficient process design to ensure that we deliver the same incredible results for a hotel that we can for a three-bedroom home.

Industry-Specific Expertise to Tackle Industry-Specific Challenges

We’ve learned a lot through our vast experience cleaning commercial establishments. Restaurant soiling is different than day care facility soiling, which is different than hotel soiling and so on. Unique challenges are present in doctor’s offices and in retail facilities (for example – if you’re cleaning a fragrance store, a perfume spill needs to be treated differently than a cologne spill). Over time, we’ve tested and refined our own proprietary approaches to these different soils to make sure we’re cleaning as thoroughly as possible. Whatever your challenge might be, we’ve encountered it and know how to address it.

Cleaning Programs to Manage Budgets

The flooring in restaurants, hotels and retail establishments has to stand up to extremely heavy traffic and unique soil challenges. Maintaining a high-quality appearance can require more than one cleaning each year. While steam cleaning is needed at least once a year for these high traffic accounts, interim maintenance can be delivered through lower cost encapsulation cleaning. Encapsulation involves the use of polymers that, when agitated, seek out and capture (encapsulate) soil, which is then vacuumed away. While encapsulation is not as thorough as our steam cleaning, it is engineered for low-pile commercial grade carpets, is fast drying and less expensive.  We can put together a program that uses both fully restorative steam cleaning and maintenance cleaning through encapsulation to lower a business’s cost of cleaning while maintaining a great look all year long.

Call us at (302) 945-0100 to find out more about our commercial cleaning approach and to set up an estimate!

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