The Butler truck mounted system isn’t just for cleaning carpets.  We also use it to deliver Five Star results for your upholstered furniture.  We:

  1. Conduct a pre-cleaning walk through with you to understand your objectives, concerns and expectations.  Evaluate the state of the upholstery, establish likely results and agree on pricing (this step can be done separately as an estimate or on the day of cleaning).
  2. Apply an upholstery-specific emulsifier to dissolve the oils binding the soil to the fabric and give it an appropriate time to act.
  3. With the unparalleled power of the Butler truck mounted system, deliver 210° Hot Steam cleaning with detergent.  We work every side, corner and surface area inch of your furniture and its cushions.
  4. Treat any stains that don't respond to the steam cleaning with appropriate spotters.
  5. After cleaning, apply additional “drying passes” to shorten drying time.
  6. Perform a post-cleaning evaluation to ensure that our work exceeds your expectations

When we’ve finished our work your furniture will look the best it possibly can, and we won’t stop until we’ve met or exceeded your expectations.  Call us at 302-945-0100 for an estimate and to learn more about how we operate.