Our objective is to take every home to its highest possible level in appearance and cleanliness.  We start by using the top-rated Butler Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning System and back it up with the most thorough cleaning process available.  We schedule only 2-3 jobs per team each day to ensure that our highly trained IICRC-certified technicians have the time to give each home the specialized attention it deserves.

Unlike other providers, we have extensive expertise in two forms of carpet cleaning; Hot Water Extraction (a.k.a. Steam Cleaning) and Encapsulation Cleaning. Steam Cleaning is the only fully restorative cleaning method available, and with our proprietary process it is incredibly effective.  Encpasulation Cleaning is the best form of maintenance cleaning available, is fast, effective and dry in 30 minutes.

When we come to your home to provide Steam Cleaning, we will:

  1. Conduct a pre-cleaning walk through with you to understand your objectives, concerns and expectations.  Evaluate the state of the carpet, establish likely results and present pricing (this step can be done separately as an estimate or on the day of cleaning).
  2. Use our commercial grade pile-lifting vacuum to remove all dry insoluble soils from the carpet before cleaning.  This vacuum extracts soil regular vacuums cannot reach and makes our steam cleaning even more effective.
  3. Apply a pre-treatment emulsifier to all areas we're cleaning.  This dissolves the oils that are binding the remaining soil to carpet.
  4. Brush the pre-treatment into the carpet to ensure that it thoroughly coats all the fibers, top to bottom.
  5. With the unparalleled power of the Butler truck mounted system, deliver 210° Hot Steam cleaning with detergent.
  6. Treat any stains that don't respond to the steam cleaning with the appropriate spotting agents.
  7. After cleaning, apply additional “dry passes” to remove as much moisture as possible and shorten drying time.
  8. Under certain circumstances, applying carpet protectant can be beneficial.  If that is the case, we make a recommendation, and apply protectant if the customer elects that option.
  9. Perform a post-cleaning evaluation with you to ensure that our work exceeds your expectations.

When we’ve finished our work your carpets will look the best they possibly can, and we won’t stop until we’ve met or exceeded your expectations.  Call us at 302-945-0100 for an estimate and to learn more about how we operate.

When we come into your home to provide Encapsulation Cleaning, we will:

  1. Vacuum all areas with our pile lifting vacuums to remove dry insoluble soils.
  2. Apply low moisture encapsulation pre-spray with emulsifiers and polymers.
  3. Agitate the pre-spray with counter rotating brushes spinning at 400 RPM. This causes the polymers to surround and "encapsulate" any soil remaining in the carpet.
  4. Remove the encapsulated polymers with a second vacuuming and let the carpet dry (only 30 minutes).

Note: Hot Steam Carpet Clean also offers annual maintenance packages that supplement annual steam cleaning service with less expensive encapsulation cleanings to keep your home in top shape all year long.

Yes - we can safely clean seagrass and sisal carpets!

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We use a dry compound and encapsulation cleaning. Call 302-945-0100 to find out more.