Wood flooring can bring elegance and beauty to a home, but getting it truly clean can be challenge. Many products create wax buildups that dull the natural beauty of the floor's original finish, while others can break down and erode the finish itself. Since water needs to be used very carefully with wood floors, truly rinsing and removing soil has proven to be almost impossible - until now.

Hot Steam Carpet Clean is proud to offer a solution that will deep clean your wood flooring, and enrich, protect and extend the life of your existing finish. When more and more of our existing customers asked whether we cleaned wood floors, we decided to see if a process that met our standards of excellence was available. After many months of research, we found what we believe is the safest, most effective system available, and after testing it in our own homes, are confident that it delivers the kind of result our customers expect from us. The full multi-step process with photos can be found by clicking on this link. This process includes:

  1. Using a backpack vacuum to thoroughly remove all loose soil and debris from the area to be cleaned.
  2. Using a Lindhaus machine and specially formulated alkaline cleaning agent for wood floors, thoroughly deep clean the wood floor. The Lindhaus machine dispenses the cleaning agent along with a controlled amount of water, agitates it with a soft brush, and uses squeegie vacuums to pick up the dirty water all in one pass. 
  3. Again, using the Lindhaus machine and a neutralizing cleaner, prepare the floor for the preservation finish. The neutralizing cleaner removes any residue left over from the initial deep clean, resets the floor's pH to neutral, and prepares the existing finish to receive and bond with the preservation finish.
  4. Applying the preservation finish (satin or gloss available) with a flat mop and micro-fiber cloth. The preservation finish is an acrylic / urethane blend that bonds with your existing finish to strengthen and protect it. 

This process will remove more soil than you ever wanted to know existed in your wood floors and will significantly improve their appearance. The preservation finish will enrich the natural beauty of the flooring while filling in scratches and making them less noticeable. It is important to remember, however, that because the process does not involve stripping the existing finish, sanding the wood and applying new finish, it won't remove scratches. Light scratches get filled in and become far less noticeable while deeper scratches are improved but still remain. We're confident you'll be pleased with the results, and by protecting the existing finish, will be less likely to need expensive sanding and refinishing down the road.

Before scheduling a cleaning, Mike Dunmyer will come to your home to evaluate whether we can safely clean your floors. The full process is safe for hardwood and engineered wood floors that have either acrylic or urethane finish (unfinished floors or those with oil finishes are not eligible). Wood floors that have been waxed or maintained with wax-based products are also not eligible as the wax will block the water based cleaner from getting to the finish and will become cloudy afterward. Floors maintained with Mop and Glow also cannot be cleaned with this method. To schedule an evaluation with Mike, call 302-945-0100.

Note: A more thorough set of photos showing the entire process is coming soon! For now, here are some before and after pictures from recent jobs:

 Before cleaning: Normal soiling plus calcification from fish tanks:

Lewes Test Before 216

After cleaning and preservation finish:

Lewes Test After 218

Bamboo floor at a beach house; before cleaning:

Dewey LR Before 217

Bamboo floor at a beach house; after cleaning and preservation finish:

Dewey LR After 219