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Hot Steam Carpet Clean also cleans ceramic, stone and vinyl tile.  As with all our services, we take the time to do the job right so that your floors are bright and refreshed and you are thrilled with your home.  When we clean your tile, we will:

  1. Conduct a pre-cleaning walk through with you to understand your objectives, concerns and expectations.  We evaluate the state of the tile, establish likely results and agree on pricing (this step can be done separately as an estimate or on the day of cleaning).
  2. Scrub the tile and grout using our state of the art Brushpro machine with the appropriate cleaning solution to loosen all soil and remove grout stains.
  3. With the unparalleled power of the Butler truck mounted system, deliver 210° hot water at 1,000 psi, using a tile-specific wand glide to remove all soil and complete the restoration process.
  4. Use a mini-wand to clean up under cabinets and to brighten baseboards and molding.
  5. Extract any water used in the process and fully dry the floor.
  6. If needed, we are able to apply grout sealant to ensure the full tiled surface is non-permeable.  We typically apply two coats of grout sealant.
  7. Perform a post-cleaning evaluation with you to ensure that our work exceeds your expectations.

Pictured below: tile from a recent job before and after our cleaning.

Tile Before-168Tile After Cleaning

When we’ve finished our work your tiled floors will look the best they possibly can, and we won’t stop until we’ve met or exceeded your expectations.  Call us at 302-945-0100 for an estimate and to learn more about how we operate.